After not shooting much for the last few months, I picked up my camera again yesterday for an excursion to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, in Irwindale (near Pasadena). Photos here. Ren Faire was a bit of a blast from the past for us, as we were frequent goers long ago before kids (both in Northern California and here, though the Southern California Faire was located elsewhere then), and we enjoyed ourselves again, mostly shopping at the various craft booths and taking in a few stage shows. The weather cooperated as well, staying cool and cloudy with only a little drizzle.

On a related note, I think I've improved the color calibration difficulties I was having with my last batch of photos. I discovered that the program I've been using to view collections of photos while I edit them, iView, has an option to try to do the color correction itself for photos with embedded profiles. Turning that option off brought its display of the photos more in line with how they show up in the browser. So I hope this batch isn't as pale and washed out as that one turned out to be.


be4u: Just a random surfer from Google

Hiya...I was Googling on Mulberry (email client), and came across your LJ. Just wanted to let you know your photography is absolutely spectacular! Thank you for posting them :)

Oh, for what it's worth, Mulberry is back, and going open source. I'm still debating between it and TB2.

11011110: Re: Just a random surfer from Google

Hi, and thanks! I've been having trouble getting TB2 to work in my configuration (can't get it to talk SSL to the IMAP server though other users with seemingly the same setup don't have that problem) so I'm still stuck at 1.5. Maybe I should check out Mulberry again...

be4u: Re: Just a random surfer from Google

I'm trying out both TB 1.5and 2, and though 1.5 seems buggy (like a new mail notification when there is no new mail), it seems to do some things better than 2. It's still a big jump for me and I'm having a hard time adjusting to anything except what I've used for the last 6 years, Eudora.

I'd still be using Eudora if their last (and final) release wasn't utterly broken by not including message-IDs in outgoing mail. I don't ask for much, but I do require RFC compliance in an email client.

Barca looks interesting, too. Though now I'm sort of on "email client information overload." :)