Yet another name for regular numbers / Hamming numbers / 5-smooth numbers. I don't think they're ugly, but arun apparently does.


None: I don't think they are ugly...

I think they are rather nice. I'd leave a message for him on his blog to give him the "algorithm" that I use, but who wants to create a new login on every blog just to respond. Instead, I'll just leave it here.

It's at the bottom of this recent post of mine having to do with sexagesimal numbers.

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11011110: Re: I don't think they are ugly...

Thanks for the link! My own code for the problem is on this earlier post. See also the links livejournal user leonardo_m left there; it's quite a famous and well-studied problem in functional programming circles. Since your post is partly about multiplying and dividing sexagesimals, you might also like this post if you haven't already seen it.