All of my friends in high school were called David. Several of them were actually named David, and we called the rest David as well to avoid confusion, much as in the Monty Python "Bruce" sketch. So anyway, a couple of days ago as part of my holiday visit to the bay area, I met up with two of the Davids (both actually named David) for a pilgrimage to the Cheese House for sandwiches followed by a hike up Windy Hill. Photos here.

Skyline Drive from 
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve Twisty oak trees in the 
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve Windy Hill, as seen from the lower part of the 
Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

And now I'm back in Irvine and must deal with preparing for this quarter's classes and getting my SODA talk ready and looking at drafts of papers from co-authors and committee work and editorial work and packing for our imminent office move and all that. Sadly, the vacation is over.