It was our passion for the geometric dissections of American puzzle master Sam Loyd that led us to design Sophie's mysterious locket in "The Illusionist."Ricky Jay and Michael Weber, in an article on magic tricks in film in today's L.A. Times.


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If you mean that the Times article link was broken, I replaced it with a more up-to-date link just now. But it won't lead to the full article unless you pay or have a subscription...
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ok so the link is now that is the best one i found that could be used by the kid in the movie so true to story that one seems to be the best to me, i made one out of soft wood because i failed to read the whole hard wood information, mine works and i see nothing wrong with it...if u are interested in getting the picture in the middle of the locket as in the movie, its much harder there is a guy who figured it out on youtube, he hasn't said how but it has to do with the free rotation of the picture
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2007-11-30T19:18:12Z there is everything u need
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