If you thought you were safe from the Christian fundamentalist anti-science types because you work in computer science instead of biology, or that the Catholic church learned its lesson about how to mix science with faith from their fiasco with Galileo, think again: scientists who believe in artificial intelligence risk Icarus' fate of having their wax wings melt and falling into the sea, according to the pope. Via Fark.


Ha ha. This made me wonder what a conversation between the Pope and Alicebot would look like :)
erniepan: Um... What?
What does this even mean? Papa Ratzi is trying to short-sell its Airbus stock, blaming falling prices on the "experimental" software in those fly-by-wire planes? Sebastian Thrun sent the Vatican a new AI-powered Popemobile, and the engine overheated, melting the Pope's chausible? AI research is inevitably consumed by flame wars over Java features? I just don't get it.
11011110: Re: Um... What?
I tried to come up with an interpretation in which he didn't really mean that, you know, artificial intelligence is evil, but instead he was using "artificial intelligence" to mean something else: some strange Vatican code phrase for reason divorced from faith. But I couldn't make it fly, especially in view of the specific story he chose: it seems the evil he sees in artificial intelligence is not any actual actions on its practitioners' part, but their hubris in trying to get too close to the gods.