Looks like I get the one with the nice view:

View of the physics quad from Bren Hall 4214, UC Irvine

The one next door (to the left of the image here) was also available, and bigger, but more awkward and without quite such a good angle on the view.

ETA: Mike's photo of it and of the corresponding more-finished room on the second floor.



That is a very nice westerly view. Could get a bit toasty in the summer afternoons, but nothing that some shades couldn't fix.


I think small groups of offices will be on common thermostats, and if one of them is toasty then so is likely to be the one with the thermostat, so the good news is that the building's climate control will probably prevent them from getting overly hot. The bad news is that the thermostats will supposedly be fixed unchangeably at 78F, a little warm for my taste.

I'm a little more worried about the late afternoon sunlight making it difficult to work on the computer — the offices on the east side of the building would be better in that respect, but are less desirable for other reasons (like looking out on construction for the next couple years). There was one quite large office on the north side, but Rina had an earlier choice than me and took it; I think Dan also took a smaller north-side office, but there were a couple others available when I chose. The view from them is not bad (outer circle and the park area between ICS and Physical Sciences) but not as good as this one, I think.


Maybe a large version of those passenger window car shades would be a good solution. Still a great view, but significantly less light. Or even some higher-quality window tint...leave it on the plastic backing and make it into a shade.