Luca tries to explain why finding \( O(\log n) \) approximations could be useful and not just of mathematical interest; the comments head in various more general directions about motivation for doing TCS research, believability of random power-law graph models, how moribund is PRAM algorithmics, etc.

Also, Suresh ponders the lack of peer-review on in the light of a recent paper claiming to supply a polynomial time graph isomorphism algorithm, and wonders how seriously self-publication on a web site or archive should be taken in precedence disputes.



Don't agree with Suresh on "Timestamping using the arXiv...", but that is just a "personal opinion". Maybe I should comment on his blog, but there have been a few restrictions with Blogger blogs in India: "I thought we are democratic society". Although I can access his blog, I don't want to post/comment anything there, just because our folks don't want. One can call it Bernstein effect, but that is just the way a few people are!


It's ok to comment on livejournals but not on blogger blogs? That makes no sense to me...


My experience in China: Blogger was blocked, Livejournal was not. Seems to be the same, elsewhere too. A reason I heard was that some political groups use Blogger for blogging according to their agenda. Stupid idea to block the whole domain because of that...

Anyhow, I'd enjoy at least Luca (who gets continuous points from be for interesting posts) to move over to Livejournal. :-) He complained at some moment himself that he was not able to read comments on his blogs since he was in China (and he seems to be there constantly).