For those who don't know, the YMCA runs a great summer program for kids at Camp Surf, spectacularly located right on the water in Imperial Beach (south of San Diego), not especially expensive and attracting kids from all around the country and staff from all around the world. My daughter spent a week there last year, and was so sad at having to leave that we sent her for two weeks this year. Anyway, her last day there was this Friday. We were a little late getting to the demo they run of all the activities they've been doing, due to slow traffic north of SD, but were still in time to catch a few photos of Sara and some of her friends surfing before the farewell barbecue.

After which, since we were in the area anyway, we decided to take advantage of the San Diego Zoo memberships my in-laws sent us. The zoo closes at 9pm this time of year, giving us plenty of time to see a fair number of the animals (no photos, I wasn't sufficiently inspired) as well as some other night zoo attractions including a modern dance human sculpture performance.

Surfers at YMCA Camp Surf Sara with surfboard at YMCA Camp Surf The Living Garden presents Force of Nature at the San Diego Zoo: Mercury and Venus

This week, the kids head back to school courtesy of their year round schedule.

Also, we're getting kittens, two dark tortoiseshell sisters tentatively named Cocoa and Mocha. No doubt there'll be plenty of photos of them to come.