Tuesday and Wednesday we took the family rafting with O.A.R.S. on the South Fork of the American River. I got a little motion-sick, Timothy got a little cold on Wednesday morning when it was more overcast, Diana and Sara got a little bug-bitten (we forgot our insect repellant, oops), and one of our guides fell out of the boat on the first easy rapid, but in general a good time was had by all.

Prior to the trip, we found a waterproof bag for one of our compact digicams to use on the water, but ended up not using it as we were too busy paddling. We ordered a CD of photos from one of the companies that waits by the bigger rapids shooting all the rafters going past, but I don't know whether their licensing terms will allow us to put their photos online. In the meantime, here are my photos from the river bank, at the O.A.R.S. campsite where we stayed Monday and Tuesday nights.