Normally on my camera, and most others, half-pressing the shutter button will focus and set the exposure, so if you do that ahead of time your camera can react more quickly with a full press of the shutter when you want to actually take a photo. But there's a setting one can make on my D60 which takes this one step farther: with this setting, the shutter button doesn't focus at all, and instead the autofocus is activated by a thumb button near the shutter. This works really well if you're used to it, since it makes it much easier to control when the camera is autofocusing and when it's just reusing the same focus as previously. But it's really confusing if you're not used to it. Anyway, as you might guess, I turn this setting on.

Which is all by way of preamble to say: when Diana took her photos of me climbing a tree with the others at the theory bbq, they were all out of focus because she wasn't familiar with this setting of my camera. So if you want to see me in a tree, you're limited to the photos Wayne took.

John has posted his own photos by now, but no tree climbing there either.