My family and two others went for a hike Sunday in the hills near the Riverside-Orange county border, on the Ortega Highway; snapshotty collection of photos here. The kids thought it was a long way, but we probably only ended up walking about four miles round trip. Still, we had a nice view for our lunch, resupplied ourselves with marzipan, and had enough exercise that when we came back we all wanted to collapse in the pool.

After which we went out to Taco Mesa for a memorial day dinner that couldn't be beat: amazingly good food (I had a calamari burrito) for not very much money, and a McDonalds next door for the unadventurous younger kids. Why has it taken me so long to try going there?



If there's one thing your blog (and photography!) has managed to do, it's convince me that your half of California just isn't so bad.

Thank you.


You're welcome... I've spent a lot of time in Northern California, so I know what you mean about attitudes there towards that other part of the state. And it took me a few years after I moved here before I really felt that it was home, but I suspect that would be true of any other part of the country or world.


Taco Mesa is indeed one of Orange County's better-kept secrets. I'm a fan of "taco tuesday", when tacos are $1 each.