I just put up photos from two more Little League games: Nationals vs. Tigers and Nationals vs. Mariners. I came in late to the Tigers game due to a conflict with one of Sara's softball games, but that didn't stop me from taking quite a few photos. The Mariners game is sparser, because it was an overcast evening and I didn't like the light. But it had an amusing ending: the sprinklers had been going on parts of the field far from where we were playing, and suddenly switched onto the diamond instead. I guess the people who scheduled the sprinklers at the school whose field it was didn't talk to the people who rented it out for this sort of event.

Little League handshake lineup Sprinklers cause end to Little League game

The penultimate game of the season was yesterday morning; I didn't go, but apparently at the last minute the coach decided to cancel the end-of-season party (scheduled for after the final game next Thursday) and instead have donuts after the game (not unlike the usual snack) and hand the kids their trophies at the same time. Oh well. Timothy didn't even want the donut, as he'd already had one for breakfast...


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I love watching sports particularly when kids are playing.They're so sweet and inocent.My son is playing in the kid's league and I am attending all his games.
Cara Fletcher