Grumble grumble FOCS grumble grumble postscript only grumble grumble pdf will be rejected automatically grumble grumble. Printing to postscript from Preview blows up the size of my paper from 320k to 4.2M; if I use ps2ps it's only 1.1M but unreadable on-screen due to ugly bitmapped fonts. Converting all the figures to eps and running latex instead of pdflatex works best: 840k. Still seems excessive but small enough that there should be little risk of actually annoying the PC.

Oh well, at least I don't have to download and print a few hundred of these things. And I must say that, while it's not going to impress anyone outside of the TCS community, uploading by web forms is much much nicer than non-MIME email.

Ideally then, you should pick a password that you and your coauthors can remember, but which cannot be guessed by anyone else; we recommend spelling your last name backwards.

Huh? It's difficult to guess last names of FOCS authors?


I read that advice as a joke -- at least, I hope it was meant as such. I've put it on my quotes page...
Yeah, that did occur to me. But, placed where it is, I imagine some authors will take it seriously.
You are probably right. The interesting thing is that we'll be able to find out who they are...