Euclid's 14th book discovered.

Via Chromium Sequarium.



Student-powered computation.


None: I am really quite curious

I am really quite curious, sir, as to how you stumbled across my blog. I certainly enjoy the readership, but I posted the April Fools I've had about twenty times the readership I normally do (yes, that does indeed mean 20 in one single night! The amazement, the wonder, the. . . pity of it all.) A good deal of it seems to be from people clicking your links, actually.

In fact, even if you wish to keep the anonymity of whoever sent you that link, thank you for the extra advertisement. :)

-Norm McCray
-Chromium Sequarium

Aftertale: Happy April Fools! May Fermat's Last Theorem grace many years to come.

11011110: Re: I am really quite curious

It came up in a Google blog search that I have my RSS aggregator run automatically. Probably the one for "geometry" though for some reason I'm not seeing it there any more. But now that I found it, I added your blog's feed to the aggregator as well...

Happy April Fools!

To you too!