Finally, another batch of photos, after almost a two month break from shooting: Timothy's Harry Potter 7th Birthday Party. Timothy is really into HP these days, and he and Diana made elaborate plans for HP activities for the party. We thought maybe we'd get through two of the activities before all the boys got too wild to organize, but it actually went off pretty much as planned. Good time had by all. Softball and baseball seasons are starting, so I may be taking a lot more photos of those soon, and I'm hoping to find time this weekend to get to the Huntington Beach Kite Party.

While I'm posting about photos, it looks like it may be time for me to upgrade to a paid Flickr account. With the free account I have, only the latest 200 photos show up on my photostream, and I've reached that limit. Also, I'm limited to two sets (galleries of photos I pick out for some theme or subject). I hadn't been using any sets at all until very recently, but Mike G. persuaded me that other Flickr users look for them to find your best photos, so I set up two for some of my landscape and people shots, and I think it would make sense to have at least one more. The downside of sets: they take up room on my Flickr page, so the main photostream only displays one column of photos instead of two. Oh well.