My web server, Fano, had been running on a Bondi-blue iMac in my office. Now it's on a 14" iBook G4. The change should be invisible to everyone else, but it makes my workspace much quieter. Any suggestions for something useful to do with an old iMac?


There seems to be something wrong with the idea of putting a server on a laptop, small form factor and low noise notwithstanding. The notion of a portable system becoming not so just seems like it unbalances the universe.
Well, it makes more sense than trying to carry around a desktop machine as a portable... I think the real reason people don't do this sort of thing more often is the added expense — from the place I got this one, the cheapest laptop deal I can see is $800 while there's a comparable power desktop machine for only $480. Or alternatively, for the same money you could get a more powerful desktop machine. But in this case, the money came from a campus program of small grants for faculty desktop machines, so it was less a matter of minimizing the total cost and more deciding what features were worth spending the money on within budget. And in this case, small form factor and low noise beat out computing power for me. I also use an iPod as the primary signal source for my home stereo system these days. Of course, I also use the same iPod portably, but I imagine there are people who just leave one permanently attached...
One other nice thing about using a laptop as a server is that they are very power outage resistant. I hear that Mac minis are great for using as servers.
I think there's some charitable organizations that set up computers for kids.
I like livejournal user noricum's suggestion, but this is an idea.
None: What to do with an old iMac?
Make a fishbowl out of it? Actually, I hate iMacs but I lo-o-o-o-o-o-v-v-v-v-v-e Macs. Am in the market for a good fast cheap G4 Quicksilver with 17-inch screen for about $400. Saw one on eBay but circumstances prevent buying it right now. Saw your web page while searching for you to ask about an upgrade for Gene software. My most recent version is 4.3.1 as near as I can tell. I think I trashed all the old ones as I upgraded. Is there an upgrade? Where do I find it? Will I have to go to something else for my family history stuff or can I use this forever? If I get a new Mac with OSX I'll have something to do the new web pages with (InDesign, or maybe I'll upgrade PageSpinner) BTW,I have a son at NCSU (NC State Univ) who's a mathematician and takes care of all the computers there. Just a tidbit. Write me at if you can tell me about Gene. Thanks.