Yesterday, we decided to take a family trip to the Sawdust Festival, a big local crafts fair thingy in Laguna Beach. The kids got to see Santa (though they're both getting a little big to believe in him for real) and throw snowballs at each other in a pile of trucked-in snow, while we accomplished a little of our Christmas shopping, had fun viewing all the arts and crafts, watched art being made (including an impressive performance making a big ruffled-border shallow blue glass bowl by glassmaker Michael Panetta) and chatted with the artists including Debra Conkey who, it turns out, is not only a talented photographer and travel writer but also faculty at CSU Fullerton. Sara still seemed to have some difficulty with the concept that we were looking for gifts for other people rather than stuff to get her while she was standing right there, but demonstrated her good taste by wishing for, among other things, one of Conkey's prints, a nice shot of a beach cave.

Today, Timothy got his hair cut and I decided it was time for the annual holiday photos of the kids. So here they are, together with a couple from the festival yesterday.

Thumbnails of a couple of the photos: