My department's web site has added a new feature highlighting research topics from the faculty, with some kind of randomization so that you see different highlights each time you visit, and my sudoku research is one of the first three topics they're highlighting. It doesn't give a lot of detail, but it has a good brief discussion of the research issues I care about with a pointer to the paper for more information.


None: Source for the generator
Any chance you might be open sourcing your puzzle generator? I would really like to see how your work especially the algorithms and data structures were represented in code. Andy andy d0t canfield at gmail d0t c0m
11011110: Re: Source for the generator
2005-11-30T18:23:45Z The puzzle solver and generator part is in, but it uses routines from several other modules.
None: Re: Source for the generator
That is beyond cool of you! Thank you! It will take me quite some time to read through all of that source but it is very interesting to me. Both of my parents and myself love those puzzles so being able to see the code implementation of those rules is very cool! Andy andy d0t canfield at gmail d0t c0m