Via Ramesh Jain: Interactively fly through a time-ordered display of recent etsy listing photos (etsy appears to be an ebay-like site for handcrafted items). Doesn't seem very useful as a user interface to the site (for one thing, there's too little control of subject matter or timescale), but it does give a good visual impression of what's going on overall there. And it's an interesting twist on the usual fisheye approach to focus-of-attention issues to have the large easily viewed items around the periphery of the view and the clutter of small items in the center.

I don't see that there's anything specific to etsy here; I think it would be more interesting to see similar streams of photos from ebay, flickr or recent LJ images, but maybe the volume of images on those sites would overwhelm the spatial metaphor, e.g. forcing the navigation to slow to realtime or worse.