My gallery of photos from Ireland is now up. Some highlights:

The first batch of photos, of King John's Castle, were from the day I arrived with Mike Goodrich; we went sightseeing in the city in an attempt to stay awake and fight the jet lag, but not much else was open. The rest are from the day after the conference, when we took a bus tour of the west of Ireland:The Cliffs of Moher and The Burren. We were greatly entertained by the guide's talk about alien species and celtic tigers. But we only had three actual stops, at the Cliffs, the coast in the Burren, and Poulnaborne, also in the Burren. I would have had a fine time exploring any of the many ruined castles and old churches we passed, but we only slowed down for them, no stops. To be fair, the tour was very effective at showing me parts of Ireland that I likely wouldn't have gotten to on my own, and the group of people I spent most of the time with (Elena, Bettina, and myself) were responsible for some of the delays that may have prevented later stops... Anyway, after getting back to Limerick, we decided to make up for the tour's lacks by exploring a nearby ruin ourselves (with the addition of Ileana), including an interesting climb up its somewhat broken spiral stair. We then had a pleasant two-mile walk to town for dinner. So the third batch of photos represents that walk and exploration, and the final shot was while waiting for our table to be ready. The walk back was a lot darker and a little scarier (for those worried about werewolves, anyway), and didn't result in more photos.