I've arrived in Limerick, the third time in the last five years that I've been flying internationally over Sept. 11. The dorms here in the University of Limerick have internet access, but for "network security reasons" (Mike and I think this means, to prevent file sharing) it is limited only to web browsers, through a proxy. Which means I can't access my usual email, nor can I upload anything to my web site, but I can access my blog.

ETA2: It turns out that socks protocol is also provided through a different proxy, and Michael Wybrow found http://zippo.taiyo.co.jp/~gotoh/ssh/connect.html, which provides working instructions for setting up ssh to use the proxy. So now I have ssh, scp, cvs, etc. Still no VPN or IMAP, but much improved!


There is an encapsulation method by which one can tunnel everything through http, though it requires a bit of work to make happen. I wonder how difficult it would be to write a network driver for OSX which would do this encapsulation automatically...
Too much work for me to do and go to a conference at the same time, in less than a week, after probably 20 years since I last wrote any driver-level networking code. Though if, as you said in your other thread, it were only a matter of 15 lines of Python...