I just discovered that the online journal DM&TCS has an RSS feed for newly published papers. I immediately added it to the arxiv ones in the collection of feeds I check regularly. The other online journals I made a quick check of (JGAA, EJC) don't seem to do this, nor could I find such services for individual journals when I checked ACM and SIAM's sites (but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough?). I, for one, would find such feeds a lot more convenient than the email notifications offered by many publishers. I hope others notice and follow the example of DM&TCS.


The IEEE has feeds for some of its journals. For example, TVCG has an RSS feed at http://csdl.computer.org/rss/tvcg.xml Certain blogreaders (like bloglines) allow you to generate email addresses for mailing lists: the mails sent are then read like blog entries. Not the same thing, but it allows you a centralized collection site. -- Suresh