Metafilter just linked to ambigram matic, an automated web application for writing Roman-alphabet text so that it reads the same upside down. Or alternatively so that it has a second different reading upside down. It can only invert pairs of words with the same number of letters; obviously the method is to have a cross-table of upside-down pairs for each pair of Roman letters. The results are a little unaesthetic compared to Scott Kim's inversions, or even Scott Kim's quicky sketches, but what do you expect?

ETA: another ambigram site, link found on


let me know what you think of my ambigrams. there's also an ambigrams community on here, I've posted and seen some great ambigrams there.
Re your ambigrams — thanks for the link, they're good, though leaning more strongly towards aesthetics over legibility than many others I've seen. I should have thought to search for that topic here — it's at the obvious name, livejournal user ambigrams. As I guess you knew, since you have several of the most recent posts at that comm.
Yea, I get most of my requests to be used as tattoos, and with tattoos most people have said it's about looks primarily, and legibility secondary. I've found that many of mine turn out more legible than the usual ms paint versions i've seen around.