I get increasingly depressed when I see the continued attempts to inject religion into public school biology classes. The attitude that the subject should be treated like a debate class, giving equal time to every point of view no matter how unfalsifiable its claims may be, or on the other hand regarding a scientific theory as useless unless proven with mathematical certainty, shows a deep lack of understanding of the power and value of the scientific method. Courses designed with this attitude built into them will fail to prepare our kids for the scientific and technological world they live in, nor do they seem likely to have much value as comparative religion instruction. And states such as Kansas that attempt to force these measures on their children seem likely to, by those actions, drive away any parents who care that their kids receive an education and not an indoctrination, impoverishing their state and deepening the national blue-red divide. But others more competent than I have been debating the issue at much greater length, so I'll limit myself to linking to two web pages that show to my mind the beauty and power of modern biology, showing off ideas and results that would make no sense except in the context of evolution:

Tree of Life Web Project. A broad view of the diversity among and connections between all the varied forms of life on earth, with links tracing through the branches of the tree of life.

The Human Genome. Click on the chromosomes for graphical views of the chromosomes in human DNA, and the genes within each chromosome, showing the highly intricate knowledge we have gained in recent years about human genetics.

Or, if you really think all points of view should be given equal time, there's always flying spaghetti monster theory...