Continuing to go through and clean up some of my old bookmark collections, I found one on cartography and mapmaking. Maps and atlases have always fascinated me, and my son seems to have inherited my interest; in graduate school, I decorated my apartment with maps instead of posters. Nowadays, if I want a quick map of how to get to some location, I tend to go directly to Google Maps, and I've also had fun scanning the satellite imagery there and at TerraServer. Doing an interest search here found [info]cartographica, which looks like it should be fascinating to follow. Here are a few other more specialized mapping sites:

And, just for fun (I think cartome can stand the hotlink):


None: firefox
there is a very cool plugin for firefox that allows you to fill out an address in (say) google maps and then view the same viewpoint (lat/long) in a host of other mappinng systems: The blog is a treasure trove of google maps mashups as well. -- Suresh
11011110: Re: firefox
Looks cool, but I usually use Safari; is there a web-based version, or can it only be used as a browser plugin, do you know? I'll have to check out the blogspot thing. Thanks for the pointers.